Fast and Easy Way to Decide What to Eat

I believe most of us will struggle one same thing at sometimes, which is to decide where to eat for dinner especially on Sunday. One great way to help you decide on your meal destination is by turning on 8TV at 18:00, watch the various local cuisine introduce by Rickman and Yoon in Ho Chak.

Today when me and my family were scratching head, using up our brain liquid to think on where to have our dinner, we saw this show introducing ducks. The first duck is at the PJ New Town, PJ Hilton, State, MPBJ, Government Area – whatever name you call it, and the second duck is at the uptown area at Damansara Jaya. The first duck’s restaurant is actually the restaurent where we often went for dinner during Sunday, so since is not the first time we been there, we decided to go to the shop at the uptown area. We never been there before though. Pretty fast decision huh. But things didn’t turn out to be what we expected..

This restaurant is situated at the same row as the previous Fajar Supermarket. Near to the Police Station. This particular restaurant was already been there for quite a long time selling chinese fried food, and this duck thing just happen to dock at their restaurant. As far as i know the Cantonese Fried Mee here is quite nice, we tried it and indeed is nice. But not other dishes. Back to the duck, honestly speaking is just normal, nothing special on it and one thing that made us feel frustrated on the duck owner, with just an order of 1/4 of the duck will take us waited for roughly 30 minutes (is consider very long right?) And the owner’s attitude really has some problem, see his face also feel like laying a few punch on him! I wonder is it every restaurant owner are like that once their restaurant was on-aired…..1 more thing, they don’t have rice! So if you were to order a plate of duck serve with rice there, better change your mind! geritol viagra. does cialis work on the first pill.

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Even the owner is like shit but still got a lot of customer queue-ing for it!

After back from that pathetic restaurant, rested a while and back to my room and proceed with my long-time-no-touch game: Company of Heroes, continue my quest of conquer! Argggh! really is getting harder and harder! Especially on the quest where i need to defence an area within a time frame! Although manage to get through, still hate it!


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