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After playing on the Shooter’s sniping game, finally time to watch the actual movie has arrived. Yesterady was one of the premium day for this movie, and normally during the premium showing time are very limited. Seats are expectedly fully booked, however, the Lucky Star were on our side for me and my friends manage to get tickets for 8 people! Hehe! But is on the first row! Anyway, it wasn’t so bad actually because seats on the first few rows for cinema nowadays like GSC at 1Utama and Cathay Cinema at Cineleisure aren’t as bad as it were use to be.

Shooter, with the malay translation of “Penembak” (at least this sounds right), with the story of course about sniper obviously. The sniping shot of the movie was cool and realistic as well, wind, distance, weather, movement of the earth etc are all being taken in consideration before making the shot on the desire target. I was glad that our fellow Filem Negara Malaysia did not do that much of censored on this movie, not like the next second thing that you see after a guy taking a gun out, is a few dead bodies lying around on the floor.

Bob lecturing Nick on how to snipe

The story goes like this: Bob Lee Swagger who was a former Marine scout sniper. Quit serving the US Marine after being betrayed by the US Government and was leave abandoned on a task and causes the death of his partner yet best friend – Donnie Fenn. 1 week after the incident, Bob hid himself deep in the mountain. After 3 years, Colonel Issac Johnson search for his hideout and seek for his help on a mission to protect the US President by planning an attempt on the President assasination. Bob had to agree after Johnson’s persuasion and provoke. However everything was actually to frame Bob up, and it was too late when he realised that everything was actually a trap. He was being badly wounded by gun shot but eventually manage to runaway and seeked help from Donnie’s wife (i assume) – Sarah Fenn. After he’d recovered, with the help from a novice FBI agent – Nick Memphis, he’s able to find out those people who were behind all this and the truth of an incident which involve not only America but also the Afican Nation on the sacrafices made just to obtain the oil mineral territory. But eventhough he was able to review the whole truth to the National Lawyer, but still they can’t take any action on Johnson who was involved because of insufficient evidence and also such incident doesn’t happen in US and is beyond the reach of their hand. So Bob who was finally freed from any charge on the assasination took the act of justice to kill Johnson and those who are involve in the Afican incident by himself.

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Those who already watched it, if you notice the FBI agent – Nick Memphis is actually one of the actor on World Trade CenterMichael Peña. For the whole movie, story line wasn’t that bad actually although it was quite confusing for the incident in the African, but the extra scene where showing the coolness of Bob walking in slow motion was near to useless and irritating. The scene where i like the most is where the sniping action took place in the snow moutain where the meeting of the Senator, Johnson and Bob was. If you are an action movie fans, you should watch it. The ratings i would give on this movie is 7/10 on the storyline (would give an 8 or 9 if is wasn’t spoilt by the ending scene). 9/10 for the action (credit goes to sniping mostly).


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Bollywood Actress said during September 2nd, 2010 at 11:00 pm

Yep, The movie was good if not great.

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