Me vs Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) Part IV – Lampe Berger (LB)

During my part time as i mentioned before, another MLM company did came approached me too. This time is a big and well known - Lampe Berger. One fine day, there is this girl which i knew for years invited me to a so call seminar (which is a motivation talk), she'd already told me is from this Lampe Berger. True speaking during that time i never heard of this name before. She told me is a very good direct sales company, she'd just gave it a try for less then 2 weeks on it and found out their system is very good and workable. As I am working under a wannabe MLM company during that time, so my curiosity actually arise and it drives me to find out how good actually their system is. So there i go and attended the talk, which was held in Time Square.

Their venue was quite grand actually and damn a lot of people attended which 70% or more attendees are youth age range from 18 - 24. Before the talk started, saw the Trillion stuffs again (guess this is the standard selling cd among the MLMs). Then the talk began, well lots of GMGP story which the content are pretty much the same - motivate and motiave and again motivate. The way they gave their speech frankly speaking would really drive a lot of people go craze and fantasize. After the talk, everybody gathering outside the hall and gathering by group to listen to their personal GMGP story again. Well, I am short of time to continue staying there actually, so I told my friend that I need to leave (well, she fetched me there anyway). So i left. After attending their talk, totally not motivated at all. The more I think the more I am curious on their system.

Few days later, she called me to ask me whether I am interested in going to LB (Lampe Berger)'s office or not? Due to my curiousity, so I agreed and after my work I went to her place and together with her brother, we went to the office. Reached the office, wasn't really big the office actually and it was fully packed with people over there. Me, my friend and her brother headed straight to a middle-age man's room, and yup, he's the famous people called - Steven Yeam (hope i got his name right). There he goes explaning the system to me words by words with the help of a paper and a pen. Bla bla bla....took roughly 30minutes for the explanation, and my curiosity had finally ended.

How it works? Basically is A join the network by paying RM 2k (that time was 2k, now i think it raised), then you will be entitled to the membership plus you get a fragrance lamp for yourself (they doesn't call lampe berger for no reason). Now how to earn money? find more people to join under your line and when they pay RM 2k which you did earlier, and how they earn money also is using the same method, then you get a small percentage from it. So basically is you pay RM 2K deposit, if you wanted to earn back your RM 2k, you need to go find people to pay RM 2k and get that commission to accumulate back what you'ed paid for earlier, as easy as that. There's another way which is similar to it, but in this you have to pay more, around RM 30,000, where you buy 15 places(membership) and you sell the membership to other people which worth RM 2K each, sounds like reseller, but here you are able to get a high rank title (don't remember the name, should be Duke or soemthing). To some people is a good deal, but doesn't work on me, as I doesn't like the idea of the whole system whereby you ask somebody to join in to grab some other to join in as well and so on so forth.

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In the end I did not join for sure. But as for my friend here she's quite into it and she claimed that she's very happy in it and benefits a lot from there plus starting to earn and her network is growing big too! She might be right, but for me I rather earning from something which really interest me, doesn't affect me and my friendship relation as well as my family relation. As for my friend, didn't seen her or get contact with her for quite sometime, maybe due to different route, maybe due to her mind set already being different, maybe I am not involve? maybe both of us are busy, or maybe some other reason which I do not know. Anyway, I do truely wish her good luck and all the best on it even if she's still in or is not. End of Lampe Berger

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Aeres said during April 11th, 2007 at 8:19 am

Wow…Steven Yeam actually explained to you in person? He was the guy who brought LB to Malaysia. Last I heard, he was earning RM2mil a month…

chel said during April 11th, 2007 at 9:30 am

let me get this straight. To join you pay 2000, then you get more people to join who also pay 2000, and you get a cut from this. hmm dunno abt you but it kinda sounds like a pyramid scheme.

Aeres said during April 11th, 2007 at 3:54 pm

Most of the RM2000 is for the products. That’s just the way MLM works: buyers get to be sellers too.

boon said during April 11th, 2007 at 4:29 pm

@chel: be it is either pyramid or or whatever, to me, they all falls in the same category as their motive and objective are all the same…

@aeres: RM 2000 man, imagine that amount of money for a just graduate student. Quite a lot stories i heard which are on brutal ways to get money for those who die to join in it. Especially youth

Aeres said during April 11th, 2007 at 5:47 pm

Yea…FYI, I paid that price.

All of the MLMs mentioned are not pyramid schemes, at least in the eyes of the authorities, because you are allowed to sell the product to people outside the network without inducting the buyer into the membership. But when you pay so much for a product, ppl tend to wanna join to have the option to sell it as well.

That’s y some said MLM is the best way to market a product, especially if the product is expensive and useless.

seraphangel said during April 11th, 2007 at 9:19 pm

so aeres are you using the lamp?

boon said during April 12th, 2007 at 1:16 am

@Aeres: still in my eyes they are genuinely same 😛 and if you notice, most (maybe all) of this MLM product you wont see it in the pharmacies or hypermarket.

so, do u use the lamp as seraph asked? how was the feel and does it really helps a lot?

Aeres said during April 12th, 2007 at 9:24 am

Nope, didn’t use it at all. Just stashed it somewhere collecting dust.

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