Stomp the Yard

There actually few types of movies which i like to watch, no doubt one of them is Action Movies, and also some of the quality Horror Movies, logical Humour Movies (please not Mr Bean…), plus Dance Movies which feature Street Dance and Modern Dance. This week the movie “Storm the Yard” officially starts screening on cinema, and me and my friend who also likes these kind of movie went to watch at Cineleisure’s Cathay.

These type of movies doesn’t really suits many people, it is not like there’s a lot of actions and the story lines is just plain simple and predictable. What is interesting here are the dancing steps and styles of it. But of course, those who likes to watch these type of movies doesn’t mean that those people will certainly know how to dance (i am one of these people).

The story is about these old school dancing – Stomping (stepping). DJ Williams and his brother Duron Williams together with their team Goon Squad had won an underground Street Dance Los Angelas over the home ground squad champion . The lost brings superb unsatisfaction to the home squad’s leader. On their way back, Goon Squad’s members were ambushed by the home squad’s member and Duron because of protecting DJ, end up getting shot by the home squad leader’s gun and died on spot. DJ was arrested over the fight.

DJ was then being transferred to Atlanta, with the help from his uncle he is able to pursue his studies in Trust University to achieve his brother Duron’s dream. In there, he was being introduced what is Step Dance. At first he wasn’t giving any interest on it, but when he learned that Mu Gamma Xi, team which won 7 consecutives win on the National Step Champion has cross over the line too much creating all sorts of ridiculous rules over the campus, plus to protect April who was Grant’s girlfriend and also to win over her heart. Grant of course is the key person of the Mu Gamma Xi. So, DJ had joined the Theta Nu Theta to help them win the coming National Step Champion. Together with the Theta Nu Theta’s old school stepping move and DJ’s newschool street dance, they manage to create an awesome choreography

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However, DJ’s background was being revealed by Grant to the board of Trust University and DJ is being expelled, causing him unable to join the TNT on the Naional Step Competition. But on the competition day itself, April did manage to pursuade – more the threaten his father to allow DJ continue his studies in Trust University and he manage participate the final competiting between Gamma and TNT. During the 1 on 1 freestyle move phase, Grant shows the moves he learned secretly from DJ, even so DJ was not fazed or fear at all. By using his brother Duron’s favourite move in the end, he is able to bring his team to victory and the winning photo is being hung on the wall of Heritage Hall.

Among all the moves in the movie, i was amazed by the moves during the starting underground competition where a guy from Goon’s squad did the fall-jumping over the polygonal angles. I wonder do they even have the word pain in their dictionary. Imagine you have to jump sideways for a distance with great speed and land yourself with your back and immediately you have to roll yourself up and jump to the other angle and repeating everything for at least 5 angles to complete the polygon.

Break Dance, Street Dance or Modern Dance is actually a culture in overseas. It’s their way of interaction and exchange of thoughts and experience. I do really likes it. However, this doesn’t happen the same in local (Malaysia). Those who knows these dance eventhough is a little bit, they have only one word in their head – SHOW-OFF. Showing their idiotic face to the crowd letting the crowd know he’s very good in these dance. Pity them that they have to live in his own pathetic world for the rest of their life. lolz

Anyway, giving Stomp the Yard a rating of 5/10 based on story and 8/10 based on action(dancing).


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4 Comment(s) On This Topic

Gallivanter said during March 27th, 2007 at 11:09 am

Agree with the ratings. Kick-ass dance sequences that held up a very ordinary storyline…

boon said during March 28th, 2007 at 10:33 am

sigh~ if only the story can be better…

Pixelatedmo said during March 30th, 2007 at 10:42 am

hmmm… i think i will get the DVD…

boon said during March 31st, 2007 at 1:05 am

haha, respect on u for it pixelatedmo 😉

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