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Haha! This is not Windows Vista ok? Now…26th January 2007 is a very special and memorable day for me. Place that made this memorable day for me is at The Curve – Vista Vision Specialist. Why is it a memorable day? this is because on this day itself, I finally can see without the aid of a spectacles!!! Yeap, I undergo a LASIK surgery during that day!

**Note** Super Long Post!

After more than 10 years of wearing spectacles, finally I decided to go for this LASIK surgery to wipe out the 1k power for each eye of mine. When I went for the first eye examination, they checked my eye power, eye pressure, eye tissue, diameter of the cornea etc to determine whether I am suitable to undergo the LASIK surgery and which package I should go for if I am qualify. Well, no doubt I can do it although the diameter of my cornea was quite big but I have plenty of tissue. They explained to me how the whole process of LASIK going to be verbally and also with the aid of a movie clip. I chose the LASIK surgery without any blade which cost me less than RM 4k each eye which sum up to be around RM 8k for both eyes. So paid my a deposit of RM 1k and wait for my second phase of eye examination.

Second phase of eye examination require me to lay off my contact lenses (FYI, all the while I was wearing contact lenses) for 2 weeks. I was advised to arrange my transportation because I won’t be suitable to drive, reason is because this second phase of examination will have to dilute my eye with some eye drops to enlarge the eye lens. I don’t know I got this right or not but after this dilution, the eye will become very sensitive to light. And so I went for this examination, checking again whether I am good to go for the surgery and whether I have any dry eye syndrome. Unfortunately I do have dry eye syndrome and I was being advised to get a pack of artificla tears to drop onto my eyes frequently. This examination you will be meeting up with the surgeon, in my this time of surgery is Dr Choong. He checked my eye’s condition from A-Z and discovered that I had this few retinal break, and also I’d been advised to go for a laser treatment for it. After this second examination had ended, I’d made a booking to do the surgery on 26th January 2007, 2.30pm.

Finally the day has come! I reached there on time. However I was being told that there was a delayment during the morning surgery and all the rest of the appoinment are being pushed 1/2 hour forward. As for my time of surgery had pushed to around 5pm. So I went down and walked around Ikano and IKEA to grab some meal as well as let myself to cool down my anxiousity. Around 4.45pm I recieved call from Vista saying that I will be next soon. Went back there and wait for my turn.

My name was being called, an Indian lady brought me into the changing room to have myself dressed with those surgeon type of fabric wear: cap, body wear and shoes. Was requried to take off my specs that time, and yup..during that time i know that would be my last time on wearing my that specs. After the dressing up, washed my hand and face, I was being guided (I was totally blind that time, haha) to another room. An optometrist was there to again check my eyes and also do something to my eyes. He used a pen and dotted in the middle of my eye so that the doctor know where is the middle point of my eye later on. For me who wore contact lenses for quite long time, it feels nothing but for those who did not wear contact lenses before, i guarantee u will have a very hard time on letting him place the dot on your eyes! After that, he put some eye drop on both of my eyes, it was said that these drops are actually anesthetic. Then again I’d been guided to the waiting room, sitting on a sofa again to wait for my turn.

At this time, there was another girl who came in. Guess who, actually until now only I know is she, is the nuffnang pink psp winner – nicole. Seriously never even imagine I would meet her like this. Anyway, she went in first rather than me because I think she was actually waited even longer than me on that day. Roughly around 30 minutes. She came out, and few minutes later – It’s finally my turn!

Note that I was a blind man totally during that time, so everything was quite blur to me in the room. After entering the surgery room, I lied on a bed, Dr told me that soon he will place a machine on top of me, and all I have to do is focus on the ring of light. No matter what happen just look at it. Then will have something being placed onto my eyes and that time I will feel some suction and my vision will be totally black out, but still he said no need fear, just look straight will do. So few eye drops were being put on my eyes again and the surgery finally began, and they put a thing on my eye to prevent me from blinking my eye. It was first the right eye, a machine was being moved on top of me, really indeed was a ring of light.

Ring of Light

I focus on it as being told. Then really a something touched my eye and I can feel something is sucking my eyeball, during that time it was really totally blackout for me, but of course I still look straight. Few seconds after, I heard a female voice countdown-ing, so I was so nervous on that time because that process was actually to create the cornea flap on my eye. Laser will be shooting down with tremendous speed to accomplish it. My right eye was wide open and I was so helpless thinking of what kind of laser will come out during that time after the countdown finish. 5…4…3…2…1… the suction ended, and I heard the Doctor said: Very good! the flap had succesfully been created! I was like What? It had already been created? So the time when the suction started, the laser was already started shooting! The whole process was less than 20 seconds! Now the left eye, and this time I knew what was going on and I opened my eye calmly.

Both eyes the flap had been created. My vision was even blur that time, It was like there are mist in my eyes. Being guided into another waiting room inside the surgeon room. It was said that I have to wait for the air bubble inside the flap to clear off before going for the actual lasering. Around 15 minutes had passed and again I was being guided around, this time is to another surgeon bed. I lied down onto the bed and the Doctor said that I need to focus on a single red blinking light. I was being told to really focus and do not move around as that was the time where the laser will be burning my eye tissue. Fear had came to myself not only that I worry on the pain, but also worry on whether I can maintain my eye to focus straight.

After eye drops again being put onto my eyes, the moment of truth finally arrived. Doctor put on a surgeon cloth on my face, cut a hole to expose my right eye. Then put on the anti-blink equipment on my eye. After putting on the equipment, Doctor began to remove the flap aside on my eye. Eventhough my eye was focusing on the red light infront of me, but still I can see that the doctor was removing the flap with a blade. My body was quite tense and I can hardly relax myself. After the flap was being placed aside, I started to hear the lasering sound. Not only hearing, but also I can even smelled the burning smell, no doubt it was my tissue burning smell. Less than 20 seconds again, my right eye had finished lasering. NO PAIN AT ALL!!!. Now is the left eye turn. Having to know what will be happening on the left eye, I started to lie down more relaxing. Same thing was being done on my left eye, but this time when lasering my eyes begin not to behave properly. I was over focus until i actually moved my eye around quite often and the Doctor had to tell me to stay focus again. Luckily I did again back on focusing and less than 20 seconds again, my left right was done! Again NO PAIN AT ALL!!! After I get up from the bed, Doctor asked me to look at the clock on the wall to see what time it was that time. Guess what! eventhough my eyes that time was full of blur mist, but I can see the shape of the clock! Before this it was a whole splat of thing instead of a shape! You would never imagine how happy and joyful I was during that time!

Getting out from the surgeon room, the optometrist handed me a kit with sunglasses, 2 bottles of eye drops, 1 pack of artificial tears, 1 pair of eye protector, sleeping pills and a plaster.

Eye Kit

Eye drops – Vigamox and Maxidex

The eye protector was actually to put on the eye during sleeping time to prevent myself from rubbing the eyes or having anything to make contact to the eyes. The 2 bottles of eye drops, one was actually to prevent inflammation and the other was for antibiotic. Sunglasses of course is for normal wear during day time to prevent bright sun light and dust. FYI, during the first month, I was being told not to exercise at all or jump or even run, to prevent the flap on my cornea run out of place. Same goes to rubbing my eyes. Idealy 6 months for complete flap recovery.

After getting the kit and listen to the eye medication explantion from the optometrist, I went out from the whole surgeon area and headed to the sofa outside to wait for my dad to pick me up. Yup! I was able to walk my way this time! Just for a while dad arrived and picked me up. Lied down on the sofa after reaching home to rest my eyes. 2 hours later is my first time on dropping the medication eye drop. Not a problem for me on this because we contact lenses people do not fear on eye drops at all. After applying the drops, went to my room and sleep. That night, I couldn’t believe myself that I can see my own room finally when I lie on my bed and although my vision was still misty, but I can see the condition of my room during night time, I can see the ceiling, I can see my pc from my bed etc! It was really a night to remember for me.

The next day when I woke up. Whahhahah!! I can see clearly already! Went for the checkup in Vista again and Doctor told me everything went fine! But, at least RM 500 for me to pay back the whole RM 8k throughout the year. Installment….. hahhaha.


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Aeres said during May 28th, 2007 at 9:00 am

Cool….can your shoot laser from your eye now? X ray Vision? what! No!?

hongkiat said during May 28th, 2007 at 10:29 am

Cool, you’ve got yourself a vista kit package 😛

seraphangel said during May 28th, 2007 at 12:15 pm

he’s got super eyes now, xray vision, heat vision, optic blasts, you name it he’s got it. 🙂

boon said during May 28th, 2007 at 2:16 pm

@Aeres, seraphangel: no more sci-fi movies for both of you.

@hongkiat: yup! installed already and found no bug or any error so far 😉

iCalvyn said during May 28th, 2007 at 9:53 pm

May be can become cyclop… X-man heroes…hehehe

boon said during May 29th, 2007 at 3:06 pm

man..u guys really are being poisoned..

babyfiona said during May 30th, 2007 at 7:38 pm

errr…so scary ler…i wanted to do ler..but i read ur experience i already can feel all my bulu roma stand straight up..-_____-“

boon said during May 30th, 2007 at 9:47 pm

@babyfiona: errm, not tat scary and “hong bou” wan lah 😉 if u wear contact lens, is no problem at all wan! 😀

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Bill Wong said during January 27th, 2010 at 9:37 am

Hi Boon,

Since you have done the procedure for 3 years, any update you would like to let us know??

Praveena said during June 23rd, 2010 at 8:55 pm

Hello! I’m getting the iLasik procedure done next month and Vista. I’ve been really scared about the procedure but you’re experience here has been quite comforting. Thank you for sharing!

Pei Ling said during August 15th, 2011 at 12:53 pm

Hi there, I’m actually contemplating to do Lasik as well.

I’m sure you did some survey before (eg price, reputation, quality of service..)? I actually not sure what is the difference between Vista and Optimax. Did you do the same research before on these two? If yes, mind to share your view?


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