Me vs Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) Part III – Photon Energy and World Wellness Network

This is a short story. While waiting my last subject – Computer Networks, to be offered in my university, I’d involved in a part time job in Subang2. A camouflage company which was doing research on herbs to cure cancers. My job was to help them to develop several websites to market their product. At first this company wasn’t having any selling structure, but guess what? They end up coming out with a pyramid aka MLM selling scheme!

When I knew that they were planning to do MLM, I told them I will not get involve in the marketing thing and all I will do is just developing the websites, no others. They agree of course. Several months had passed and they still haven’t had any solid scheme to be able to really control the distributors’ way and price for selling it. After finish doing on their website, I stopped working with them anymore and continue with my final subject. Till now I did not hear any of their product being selled anywhere. Guess it did not really worked out in the end, but truely their product could be famous if it really being pushed out as I saw with my own eyes how these liquid form product cured those cancer patients and serious aedes patients. FYI, is using the photon energy, photonicwave, nano-techology (whatever you called it). Few months back I sort of met one of the staff there in a restaurant, he told me that the boss had already passed away, maybe couldn’t handle the incoming pressure. Really is a great loss to the health sector because he was truely a great man with superb brain, and really was a waste of all his studies on the herbs wasn’t been able to have a proper publicize. But luckily before he ended his life, a MLM company owns by a malay Dato’ had bought over couple of his stocks and was selling good up till now (hope their stock is enough). World Wellness Network’s Rx-tra and Reijuva.

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I simply wanted to comment on much I
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