YouTube VS Soapbox!

Microsoft has now unveiled its MSN Soapbox video-upload service to a public beta. Similar to the popular video service providor-YouTube which recently bought over by Google. Finally a competitor for YouTube; or does YouTube not even seen it as a threat?

Last year’s September, Microsoft unveiled this video-upload service:MSN Soapbox, but it was just for invitation beta testers. After several months of testing, it has now open for public beta testing.

Soapbox allows users not only to upload videos to the Internet like YouTube, it also uses tag and categorize them for easy findings from users. Something different from YouTube is that users are able to watch videos and browse for another new videos simultaneously on the same screen.

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Will YouTube be able to continue dominate the video-upload service on the Web or will MSN Soapbox be able to outrun YouTube! From my personal thought that if the simultaneous browsing of MSN Soapbox works well and doesn’t gave any bugs, and also plus the use of tag, it would really be a threat for YouTube


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