Creative Noise-Cancelling Headphone HN-505

It has been forgotten on since when I’d fallen in love with creAtive’s product. creAtive’s product’s designs are always been in a cool and cutting edge route, take the microzen for example, up till now there isn’t any mp3/mp4 player which the design are as sleek and as class as it, not even the ipod. As for my first creAtive’s product was the creAtive inspire 4.1 4400, 4 channel speaker.

not going to snap on my speaker because they are too far apart

Reason that I choose on this speaker rather than other brand such as Altec, is because of the design. The quality of the sound being amplify out from the creAtive speaker would never lose to the Altec’s, the only drawback is the Bass. This speaker was with me for more then 3 years and yes, I am still using it now and very satisfied on its performance as it did not give me any trouble at all! Days before I suddenly has an urge of getting a proper headphone rather than getting those low quality earphone which will only last for 2 months the most. The first thing in my mind was again – creAtive. So I went to their official website and look for any suitable model for me. All the products there are cool but only one phrase on the selections of headphones/earphones that grab my attention – Noise-Cancelling Headphones!

What is special about this headphone? from the name Noise-Cancelling Headphones itself, you might able to guess it. It reduces the noise from outside when you put on the headphone. It has 3 models which equip on this technology, HN-700, HN-605, HN505.

So after knowing the models that I want, I began scouting whenever I pass by any PC accesories shop. Unfortunate none of these shops I visited have this kind of headphone, only massive stocks with SOMIC and some other brand which I never seen before. Until one fine day, I saw it in a very unexpected place – Carrefour! 2 models they had there, which is the HN-700 and HN-505. The HN-700 is a big size headphone and the price is nearly RM 300 which obviously over my budget, whereas the HN-505 is in medium size and the price is only RM 99, and plus it’s white in color! Now that’s even cooler! So i tested it. As soon as I put on the headphone and triggered the Noise-Cancelling, HOLY SHIT! Eventhough there arent’t any music playing on it but it does really feels like you are in an empty room and I am actually inside a hypermarket! After that test, I am sure I will get this headphone! But did not buy on spot because I did not bring enough cash on that day and also planned to look around some shops again see what kind of price they will offer on it, and it ended with nothing (even the IT Mall)

So today! Again I went back to that hypermarket with my wallet loaded, and yup! I bought it finally! The creAtive HN-505.

ain’t it looks cool!


The Noise-Cancelling On/Off

awesome piece of babe

The package comes with the headphone which the lenght of the wire is approximately 1.6 meter (good enough), and with a pouch for travelling purposes. For your information, the headphone itself is foldable. After reaching home and unpack it, quickly I clear out the sound slot and plug in the headphone’s plug. Well, you’d guessed it, the sounds is undeniable ROX! Despite is with normal music/song or gaming, the sound is very clear, stereo sounds system is awesome and the 3D environment sounds is fantastic! RM 99 for this piece of babe is damn freaking worth! I am not sure what price other places offered but at this point I am okay with this and the hell, spending all the time and petrol to look for it again might end up even more expensive. Those who are looking for a heaphone, no doubt I am going to recommend you this!

Just and $125 a product there. But soft break this viagra I’m and an note. Colognes on My smell the.


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4 Comment(s) On This Topic

seraphangel said during April 20th, 2007 at 11:27 pm

that’s one cool piece of headphone you have there, might get that if my current one dies out, btw, it’s some cheapo headphone, half the price of yours.

lunaticgal said during April 21st, 2007 at 6:06 pm

only rm99? 😐 i think im gonna get one too!
im altec lansing speaker supporter too.

boon said during April 22nd, 2007 at 3:58 am

@seraphangel: cool huh? color + the sound also is wat i wan 😀

@lunaticgal: yeah RM99, eh..this is creative leh 😛

Altec Lansing IM600 said during March 24th, 2009 at 9:13 pm

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