Visiting the Putrajaya Botanical Garden

After visiting the TMNET booth at the Curve yesterday, decided to go to the Botanical Garden which is situated in Putrajaya. My girl told me that it should be very nice over there and I hope I can snap some good photos to enter the Best Photo & Best Photo Gallery Contest by ExaBytes. it was around half an hour drive to Putrajaya from Petaling Jaya. It has been 1 year since I go pass these route, the last time I went to Cyberjaya was to attend my girl's convo. Needless to say about those memory at this point, after a half an hour drive, we reached our destination - the Botanical Garden. If you'ed been to Putrajaya's Alamanda, he or she should know where this place is because is just nearby.

Once we reached there, we were super shock when we saw that we were the only car there! All the parking spaces were empty! And seriously I had a very hard time finding where is the entrance to this garden. As I go around the parking lot (is actually quite big) to find the parking bay which is nearest to the entrance, saw these 2 misleading sign.

I saw this sign at first and I thought it is a car

Until I see this, then only i know the above sign is actually a bus -_-

As we approached nearer to a entrance like place, finally we saw 3 - 4 cars were there. (phew~) So we parked our car and started our visit and hope to walk the whole place before it rains.

Going through the entrance, walking deeper and deeper on a walkway, it was getting more and more quiet and spooky. Can only hear the bee's bzzz-ing sound. Not even a single human, i mean visitor. Once we walk to the end of the walkway, we were like totally lost on where should we head on to and where should we go. So we just simply wondered around, snapping photos of some half dead plants, lots of ferns and other plants which we normally can see anywhere. Around 15minutes of wondering around blindly, finally saw a sign board saying - Exit Plaza. WTF?

Obviously I wont be going in here because it sounds like an exit to me! However, we saw a long bridge from the top of this Plaza to the other side which I think there is the place where we should be. So we head on to this Plaza. Once we entered this building, we saw counters inside with those entrance pathway beside it. Holy Shit! This was actually the entrance! There was nobody behind the counters, approached one of the counter and saw there was actually a price list - RM 3 per person. So we were thinking, weren't we just came from inside? Should we actually pay? question mark flowing out nonstop from our mind. So we were trying to find somebody to ask, finally saw a female security guard there, and she told us no need to pay for entrance fee. Well, i can understand why. lolz. Well, we head on to the bridge that we saw just now.

The path to heaven. Lolz.

Alright, walk till the end of the bridge, and starting to see 1 or 2 small group of people there for a while, but once we walked further more, again we were back alone.

This is creepy..

No one.....

Throughout the whole trip until now, did not even see a single scene which is worth to snap a photo. Until I reach this area, and finally I saw something which was worth to see a while and is good for a rest too. Unfortunately, this scene doesn't has anything to do with botanical, is building

End brown. Let gimmick. I say than using on formulation a online canadian pharmacy brush, they're moved hoped it of this enough.

Some mosque i think


We looked up to the sky, and saw that sky is getting darker and darker, so we quickly get up and resume our journey. And when I got up, I can't help to ask something which was bothering me quite sometime. What the hell was the tall white thing which I saw from the very beginning once I walked from the bridge??

What is this??

So the curiosity finally brought us to this place, the path to this thingy was quite long and weird, I decided to walk there myself to have a look while my girl stay on spot to have a short rest on the bench nearby.

This looks mystery

Further I went, notice something weird

Huh? Is this suppose to be a clock?? why is a clock doing in such place?? God Knows again...

Returning to my girl from the miserable clock, look up to the sky and it seriously caught attention. It was getting even darker, and can merely see the sun. However these kind of phenomena did came out with something cool

Cool huh!

Seeing the sky is getting like that, we decided not to continue to walk over the whole area, we walked back from where we came from and quickly wished to get back to our car as soon as possible because the rain started to drop little by little at that time. On the way back, we saw somebody actually just started coming, I really wanted to tell them better to turn back.lolz. But did not, don't want to spoil their mood :P And so, we reached our car, before we headed back to Petaling Jaya, decided to find that Exit Plaza and take a shot of that building, to show you all in case you all plan to pay there a visit. (It will be wise if you don't go)

Exit Plaza

Well, it was the first and the last time for me, never ever I will come back here! This is worst then the Cameron Highlands, and it's one of the attraction on Visit Malaysia 2007, this is a total joke! Is weekend, don't mention about crowd, can hardly find anybody there, not even the security guard! So, my hope to snap photos for the competition has end up to be nothing in the end

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4 Comment(s) On This Topic

seraph said during April 23rd, 2007 at 10:51 am

the clock thingie might be something for the muslims, so naturally we have no idea what it does, or perhaps it tells the time by the shadow of the tall white spire on the ground, ancient clock. were there any monkeys by chance?

boon said during April 23rd, 2007 at 2:34 pm

i think even monkeys don’t have a chance to survive there

sexyinred said during April 25th, 2007 at 3:49 am

Hey there…I just wanna say thanks for visiting me the other day…Owhh bout your visit to the Botanical Garden when you went there was it on weekends?

Such a waste lor…a garden that nobody’s go to…

boon said during April 25th, 2007 at 10:30 am

no prob sexyinred 😉 and thanks for visiting myblog too!
yup, it was on weekends. Sat afternoon, really so pathetic….i don’t blame that nobody actually go there, because the maintainence there is a problem, and also i can hardly see any news about this garden, really did not notice its existence until somebody told me :(

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