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Few months back, I came to know that Photoshop CS2 (maybe even during CS1 time) is able to create an Automated Task. Some of you might be new to this, so let me giving you a brief idea on it.

What is Automated Task? It is acually a set of actions where you can repeat all of it with just a single click of a button or with any shortcut key you had preset it.

When to use? When you have a whole bunch of repeated tedious task to do on a whole sets of photos. Eg: resize a whole stack of photos to a specific resolution.. (or maybe some other things that you can think of)

I hope you have a brief idea on what is it because now I am going to show on how to make an Automated Task in Photoshop CS2

In this tutorial, I will make an Automated Task on resizing photos.

  1. First, open up the desired photos with photoshop or simply just drag and drop the photos onto the photoshop main stage. This is the photo which I will be using. It is actually a 2000×1333 resolution photo and now the view is actually 25% of the actual size.

  2. Now is to open up the Action Window. Go to Window > Action or simply press the shortcut key Alt + F9. The Action window will looks like what it is in the above image.

  3. We have everything ready and now is to do the trick. Click on the “Create New Action” button as where is shown on the above image

  4. A New Action window will come out, the Name of course is the name of your this Automated Task, here as I am doing photo resizing so I will give it the name “Resize”. Everything just remain as it is and click on Record Just for your infomation, the Function Key is actually for you to set the shortcut key to this Automated Task. Anyway, I will not set anything here.

  5. Now the Record button has turned active (red color), and from now on whatever action you do will be recorded

  6. I will start doing the resizing now. Go to the Image > Image Size or with the shortcut key Ctrl+Atl+I. Here I will resize to the above figures. Click Ok

  7. The image has now been resized. What I need to do has actually finish. In actual tedious task of course it won’t be that short but here it will be enough as an example. Click on the Stop Recording button as where is shown on the image. Now you have your Automated Task set!

  8. To show on how it works. Simply open another photo or drag other photo onto the photoshop main stage. In the above image I am now using another image. Now on the Action window, select on the “Resize”(or the name you gave for this Automated Task), then click on the “Play Selection” button as where is shown on the image.

  9. After pressing the “Play Selection” button, you will now notice the image had been resized to the figure which you had just set in the Automated Task! Note that you had just cut short all the opening the Image Size window, key in the figures with just a simple click!

As I said I had heard about this Automated Task thing few months back, but never really tried it until last few days I had to change the document’s color mode to Index, and save into .bmp file type with the same file name. So I gave it a try on this Automated Task finally with all these actions and it did work, whole 25 images was changed to the desired file in just less then 2 minutes. So, hope this tutorial will help!


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