Not My Day!

**Note** this is a long post
Today after work, straight drove my car to fetch my girl and head on to Sunway Pyramid for movie. It’s miracle that the traffic was quite smooth during that timr when it was actually right after working hour. Well, as long as it is smooth and i can reach my destination fast, is fine for me. Bought the ticket for “The Lady Iron Chef” for 21:10 show.

The time has arrive and we enter the cinema for the trailers viewing before the real movie starts. Saw something interesting, Harry Potter’s final ep : The Order of the Phoenix is finally out and is schedule to be shwon at July this year! I am not a big fan of Harry Porter actaully, but since i’d watched all the previous episode, might as well watch this to end it.

Harry Potter – The Order of The Phoenix

Finish about trailer, the movie starts. Wont talk about the content of the movie, but there’s one thing i wanna really to share it out! All the while was fine when watching this movie, but when reached Charmaine Sheh went to find Yuen Qiu, apppear this fella which the face is shown below!!

如花 – Yu Fa

So how? Feel like punching him? that’s what i felt when i saw this fella came out! OMG, and with the trademark digging of hers/his, Argghh! But of course his appearance really makes everybody get into a moment of trauma, lolz! Anyway, overall the movie is quite ok, typical Chinese New Year movie but the ending of the movie really is unexpectedly bad.

And so after movie we went to the parking bay to get my car. Once enter the car, i was already felt something not quite right because when i unlock my car (manually without the controller), the other door’s lock did not unlock together where it usually does. Did not really care about it, but when i slot in my keys and turn to standby mode, i realize what happen already. I FORGOT TO OFF MY CAR LIGHT!!!

So i can’t ignite my car. Went down the car and look around see there’s anybody who can help me for jump-start or push-start my car. Found some malay guys and asked for help from them, they willing to help of course (glad this world still got good people. lolz) So they push the car and i try to do the car ignition. Few tries and my car actually did try to start-up but doesn’t seems to successful. Then open the hatch to check the battery, i admit i know quite little on car engine. They told me from the battery itself there’s an indicator which shows green color (meaning the battery is still good), but no matter how i see i just can’t seem to see any green color but black color (black means the battery is dead), i did not make any suggestion voice there because they seems to be quite expert, check my fius, starter this and that but everything was okay. So give a last try but unfortunately still can’t. Finally they give up and i also doesn’t really want to bother them again because it already took quite long. So they help me push my car back to one of the parking space and they headed back to their place. Although can’t seem to do any help but i still really truely appreciate their sincere on helping me out.

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Me and my girl went back to pyramid hope to find some security guard to help us out, but can’t manage to find any. After a while of discussion, finally decided to call up her dad because her house is nearer and plus her dad just came back from work (yes, is almost 00:00)

After 10 – 15 minutes, her dad arrive and we try to jump start my car. Heheh, is Nissan Sunny gathering here because her dad uses Nissan Sunny as well! After few try it still do no good, then we do the final step, transfer battery from his car to my car. Oh Yeah! it started! So initial guess is the battery problem. But to confirm it, his dad use my battery on his car. As expected, it won’t start and is confirm the battery is totally exhausted! After a while of discussion again and finally we come out a solution. His battery use on my car, i drive my car to their house, then once at their house, i take down that battery, use the other car in their house to go back pyramid with that battery, put back the battery back into her dad’s car, and then his dad go back home and my girl send me back my house. Sounds really very troublesome but is the only way, my girl worry about any of the car if is to overnight in the parking bay.

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So now i am back and my girl as well in her own house, my car is at her house. Tomorrow after work i will be going back to my girl’s house and put in a new battery to make it start. I felt so bad for troubling my girl’s whole family because they all can’t sleep because of me! 🙁 Aiihh….. well, the moral of today’s story, never-ever left your car light on, double check before you leave your car. (Actually normally i did, but just happen that today i forgot to check) And never laugh at other people who never off their light as well, Karma might happen like what happened to me 🙁

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7 Comment(s) On This Topic

Rabbit said during February 28th, 2007 at 5:55 pm

Aww, Poor u. So the lesson of the day is, remember to switch off your car light before you leave your car! Weeehee!

Aeres said during February 28th, 2007 at 8:42 pm

Thats why I don’t watch HK movies anymore…they’re bad luck 😀

Did you use booster cables when you said you tried to jump start? If even booster cables can’t help you…wow you battery must be VERY dead….

Crystal said during February 28th, 2007 at 8:49 pm

OMG what a terrible night.

My car usually will make sound if I don’t off engine. Maybe you too kan cheong because of the movie therefore forgotten about the lights ba. So next time make sure be more careful 😛

boon said during February 28th, 2007 at 9:50 pm

Rabbit: from now only will surely double and triple check 🙁 see ghost also scare dark already..

Aeres: uff…when i think of that guy i really *burp*… is very dead, very very dead…anyway, now is ok already 😀

Crystal: my car too old for those kinda technology already 😛 should be loh, and also because that time i was quite hungry also…so quite rush..check check check!

pinksterz said during February 28th, 2007 at 11:29 pm

i find another moral in this post too!

second moral:

always spare a car battery in your boot. bacause we never know when karma will act on us. ^^

anyway, that is just crapping. really ar leaving light on can caused that prob to car?

Aeres said during March 1st, 2007 at 12:52 am

Once I left that little interior light on overnight and had to call the workshop the next morning.

boon said during March 2nd, 2007 at 12:29 am

pinksterz: wow, nice idea but dun think normal ppl will do tat 😛

aeres: and prepare to spend money as well 🙁

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