Langkawi – Day 2: Finally a Vacation Day!

Phew~ finally recovered completely from sickness today. Till now i still doesn’t know what happen to myself, just felt like puking from time to time. Anyway, the most important is that i am well again now. Back to my Langkawi story.

After the early rest during the first day due to the raining. I woke up quite early, it was 8am in the morning and once got up from bed the first thing was check on the weather, once i took a glance at the window, SHIT! it’s raining heavily!. Worst part is our island hoping was suppose to be 930am! How are we gonna go for it with the weather like that?? Just when we were about to call the person incharge of the island hoping, they themselves that called us. They said the island hoping still on, but delay to 10am as the boatman said that the weather was clear in the middle of the sea. So of course we were joyful, but deep inside our heart we thought, is it really clear or is it that they all don’t want to refund our money? lolz~ anyway, we quickly wash up and head for our breakfast and waited for somebody to guide us to their jetty.

Wooo, i wish i owned one of these, it’s RM 160k+ worth, if i did not heard wrongly

10am had arrived and by following the guideman’s car, we reached the jetty. The rain’s getting heavier, still they insisted on having us to get onto the boat and go on with the island hoping. So together with another 10 other people, we began our island hoping finally! (under the rain)

Sailing under the rain with a speed boat, me and my girlfriend were sitting right infront, can u imagine how hard the rain drops hit on our face, almost like needle poking onto our face, plus the raining wind…Brrrr, super cold ar!! After a few minutes, we arrived our first destination – Pregnant Maiden Island, the boatman stop at the middle of the sea and let us have a good look at the island which the silhouette looks like a pregnant maiden lying down, that’s how the name came from.

After enough of picture snapping, the boatman drove us to the other side of the island, which what lies in this island is a lake where the tales said: whoever drinks the water in this lake will be pregnant. Another part of the lake also had a kind of fish which will eat up all your foot’s deadskin when you put your barefeet into the water. Ewwwwww!!

This is the lake which will make you PREGNANT!

After 45minutes stopping on this island (damn freaking bored cause raining). We head on to our next destination – Eagle Feeding. Let me tell ya, those eagles were very beautiful, especially there were few which were white in color! Can’t really get a good shot because they were too fast

Flying flying~~

The white eagle!

Hmm…these eagles here are just small fry, there’s one eagle king actually! dunno where? look at my previous post! troublesome? show u again! Nah!! the Eagle King!

The Eagle King at the Jetty

15 minutes seeing those eagles diving from the sky to grab the food from the sea, we set off to our next destination, actually was our last destination (WTF, so fast!). Well, is another island…the name, i seriously don’t know why it was called this name, all i learnt from the name is, we are living in a multi-racial country, see for yourself.

Beras Basah Island….hmmm

By the time we reached this island, hahhahaha!! The rain had finally STOP!!! got down from the boat and play with the sand over there, FYI, the sand there was very very soft! Took my opportunity to wash my slipper as well, heheheh! Hai~ did not enjoyed much though because we were not fully equip ourselves on water wear, plus our heart were already wanted to end this island hoping and head for the cable car that we’d missed yesterday. So we head on back to the jetty of that island to wait for the others to come back. On our way there we saw this interesting bird, so take a snap of it. The boatman told us the name of this bird but…i forgot..kekkeke~

birdy birdie

Waited for another 45minutes, arrhhh~~ finally our boatmate all were back and finally we were good to go! Once we got on to the jetty were we set off, quickly we jump into our car and rush to the Cable Car!!

15 minutes drive, and we’d arrived at the Cable Car place. we look at the sky, shoot! not looking good again! Still we went to try our luck at the ticket counter, and luckily the cable car was still open! hahhahah, so bought ourselves 2 tickets and head on to the gondolaz and ready to ….. heights……

Journey to HEAhellVEN

Intially it was nothing, the view was good, ehh, the view seriously was good you know.

Beautiful Waterfall

Awesome seaview!

But when the gondolaz gets higher and higher, it’s no longer a joke!

Let me tell you something guys, after sitting on this cable car, GENTING CABLE CAR IS NOTHING!!! The path almost towards the end was so freaky because it was steep, though the fog was heavy but i still can see a little bit and knew that the gondolaz was almost like going vertically and it was so near to the mountain body!

the path….the actual is definitely higher than this illustration

Finally we reached to the station and got down from that gondolaz. Arrhhhh~~ the envinronment was so relaxing and nice! fresh air, cool wind and fog~

Yup, it was 652.5M above sea level


Stopped by for a round 15minutes, we head on to an even higher station. Go onto the gondolaz again and head on to the higher path. It wasn’t freaky at all this time, because everything was covered by fog and we can’t see anything and we don’t know how high it is. In just a while, we reached to the highest station. Can’t really see anything as the fog was super thick!

visibility = 0

Still manage to find this to snap – 710M above sea level!

There was actually another bridge which the view is very nice, but unfortunately it was closed down due to the bad weather. haiz~~~

Only can see the bridge from the picture

Nothing can be seen, so we head onto the gondolaz and ready to travel down to the base station. Now….thing gets exciting here…. Just a 1 minute ride, the whole cable car system stopped! As far as I know if this happen, is either the cable car system really break down, which i think the possibility is quite low, or is because of the wind was too strong, which i think this should be the possibility. Either way, we were still stop there and nothing that we could do but wait. What happened here was really freaked out! While we were stopped, very strong wind blew from the cross direction and our gondolaz was shaking and swinging like mad! DAMN!!!! And that was the time where the fog got thinner because of the wind and SHIT!!! the height between where we were currently and the ground was clearly seen!!! SO BLOODY HIGH!!!!! OMG! Honestly This was the first time I felt the fear in me on a cable car! I had to pretend that i was not scared at all and at the same time comfort my girlfriend. The strong wind blew not only once, several times! Shit man! More than 10 minutes, i think almost reaching 20 minutes than only the cable car started to move again! Let me tell you this, this 10 – 20 minutes time I will never forget!

So we head on the journey back to the base station, this time I felt better as the worst already been experienced back there, but my girlfriend wasn’t ok, so i convinced her to take my camera and keep snapping photo and make herself busy, luckily she did what i told, keep snapping pictures and she manage to get over it…Guys….seriously if you go langkawi, YOU MUST TRY THIS!!!!!

Yes! This place!!

After that we went to the underwater world. Well…due to the massive snap shots made just now, my camera’s out of battery, did not take any shots from there onwards 🙁 But anyway, the underwaterworld there wasn’t that interesting, only the penguins which were great to look at. While we get out from the waterworld, it started to rain again. We headead back to our resort and took a bath, had some rest. Head on to the souvenior shops to get some chocolate and wine. Spent quite a lot on there and then headed on and hunt for a restaurant for dinner

Luckily the rain stopped!!! Hahhaah!!! Finally we get to find a seafood restaurant to settle our dinner! The Kong Pou Prawn was delicious~~~~~~~~~ Hmmm~~~ the prawn was so fresh~~~~~ ahh~ really felt like going there again to eat it! And so after dinner, we headed back to our resort and had some wine, while watching Lords of the Ring II! lolz! That ends our 2nd day!

–End day 2 —


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13 Comment(s) On This Topic

seraphangel said during September 5th, 2007 at 11:56 pm

wooo…. day 2, the excitement, the ‘near death’ experience, and the prawns 😀 And I was hoping to see some shots of the penguins 🙁

Ganesha said during September 6th, 2007 at 3:37 pm

ahahaha……u freaking funnie man!!

lukxiufung said during September 6th, 2007 at 3:49 pm

beras basah island…湿米岛..虾眯岛(福建话)….

Jason said during September 6th, 2007 at 6:39 pm

Fuuuuhhh…the cable car!! Syiok wei..glurrppp:P How long is the cable car ride huh? I mean overall?

boon said during September 7th, 2007 at 10:31 am

@seraphangel: hmm..actually i took some penguin shot before the batt really runs out, but it was indoor and with glass, so it was not that good and clear…

@Ganesha: shit! what so funny???

@lukxiufung: hahhaa, i din know wat the hell either!

@Jason: overall ar, think around or more than 30 minutes loh. 15minutes up, 15minutes down

宝茹 said during September 7th, 2007 at 6:56 pm

It DOES look like a pregnant lady lying down! Cool shot! 🙂

“Another part of the lake also had a kind of fish which will eat up all your foot’s deadskin when you put your barefeet into the water. Ewwwwww!!” – made me laugh. 😀 😀

I saw the eagle also! 😀

The waterfall looks like it is glowing! Nice~~

Huhuhuhuhu…I didn’t know about the cable car. It must be so cool to be stuck up there!! Hahaha. 😀

What an adventure! 🙂

ksteeng1122 said during September 8th, 2007 at 4:39 am

Sow Boon, I do agree wif ur comment abt the langkawi cable car. Once you had try the langkawi cable car, genting cable car is just nothing. Actually I almost cry when i was sitting on the langkawi cable car. Luckily nothing happen but I sure won’t try again next time coz it’s really make me felt so scared……..

iCalvyn said during September 8th, 2007 at 8:57 pm

nice trip…i just wonder to visit there, especially the cable car…look nice, and the environment there also cool… probably will go after buy my camera…must go there shoot kaw kaw…

boon said during September 9th, 2007 at 3:06 am

@宝茹: cool~~ sure cool loh~~~ cool until i almost have phobia on cable car 😛 if u have chance to go in the future, must try! 😉

@ksteeng1122: Welcome to my bloggie my old friend! 😉 really very scary hoh~~~ i can imagine how u look like when u in tat cable car! lolz!! seng seng there, nvm lah 😛

@iCalyvn: eh? u not yet got ur camera wan meh? i tot u bought together with seraph :O

Mo said during September 10th, 2007 at 1:53 pm

what happen your hair lah… keke

boon said during September 11th, 2007 at 12:13 pm

hahhaha, speed boat after effect..

ksteeng1122 said during September 19th, 2007 at 2:21 am

Actually hann seng also scared when he was in the cable car but he still need 2 pretend tat he was not scared at all at tat moment lor…just like u lor…..Eii, how much u spent on ur trip 2 the Pregnant Maiden Island? coz i dun hv time 2 go there on my langkawi trip…but luckily u post a nice photo of Pregnant Maiden Island to let me see..TQ so much!

boon said during September 20th, 2007 at 10:41 am

errm.. less than RM 100 for 2 person to travelling those 3 places. hehee, no need thanks lah!!

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