20 Phrases That Will Kill A Woman’s Heart!

My colleague forwarded me this interesting article which says the top 20 phrase that will kill a woman’s heart!! Now guys…don’t tell me that you never use these kinda phrase before to any girl and girls, i bet u sure heard a lot of these kinda phrase from a lot of guys….

  1. “没什么特别的事,只想听听你的声音。” 男人在女人意想不到的情况下拨个电话温柔地说。
  2. “给我一点时间,我会尽快和她分手。放心,我会给你名分。” 有妇之夫对情妇言之凿凿地说。
  3. “即使你不爱我,我会一生保护你。”男人深情地说。
  4. “你是我最初也是最后爱的人。”男孩向初恋情人天真浪漫地说。
  5. “你是我最后的一个女人。”情场浪子或花花公子体贴柔情地说。
  6. “只要你一直在我身边,其他东西不再重要。”男人拥着有夫之妇的女朋友痴痴地说。
  7. “我会跟你结婚的。”爱情骗子运用口甜舌滑伎俩向无知少女说。
  8. “不管将来发生什么事,你变成什么样子,你依然是我最爱的人。”痴情男子花前月下向女朋友说着伟大誓言。
  9. “和你一起总会令我忘记时间存在。”明明已经整天结伴,男人送女人至家门外依旧一脸依依不舍道别说。
  10. “现在能够见面多好呢!”一天甜蜜约会结束,凌晨时分,男的还捧着电话筒向远方的她充满渴望地说。
  11. “不要紧,你只是迟了一会儿吧!”她纵然迟到了大半个钟头,他仍旧体贴地说。
  12. “只要能和你一起,我不管要付出怎样大的代价。”情路即使受着外在因素影响跌跌撞撞男人却一直坚定执拗地向爱人说。
  13. “此刻我很挂念你,请为我小心照顾自己。”男人在工作期间不忘传呼女友留下动人口讯。
  14. “任何时候、任何情况,只要你需要我,我立即赶来,尽我全力为你做事。”女友提出分手,男人依旧一脸痴痴,说仍愿意继续为她赴汤蹈火。
  15. “我愿意爱你,照顾你、保护你,一生一世。”婚礼上,新郎带少许泪光当着众亲友面前向新娘子说。
  16. “你给我带来一生中最大的撞击,我会铭记此生。”男与女双双在和平下分手,男的平静而肯定地说。
  17. “如果他待你不好,一定要告诉我,我绝不放过他,我会一直在你身边保护你。”她选择了别人,被抛弃的男人仍旧情深款款地说。
  18. “只要你愿意,当你失落失意的时候,需要一个肩膊的时候,告诉我,我会立即出现。”她不爱他,但他不计较,还无怨无悔地说。
  19. “我从来不会对任何一个女人许下诺言,也从不会对任何一个女人做我会为你所做的事,你在我心目中是多么地不同!”聪明的男人向善妒的女人说。
  20. “我一生中遇到无数的女人,可是从来没有像你这样一个教我如此深受震撼的。”情场打滚多年的男人向新相识的女人说。

English version please read on

I translate it myself, so if any grammer mistake don’t blame me ><

  1. “Nothing special, just want to listen to your voice。” Phrase that a guy would say when he call the girl unexpectedly.
  2. “Give me some time, I will divorce with her as soon as possible. Don’t worry, I will definitely give u a status” A husband of somebody will normally said to his another girlfriend outside.
  3. “I will still protect you eventhough u don’t love me” Typical guy..
  4. “You are my first and the last love” a naive guy who would normally said to his first love
  5. “You are my very last woman in my life.” pimp’s famous phrase to every girls.
  6. “As long as you are with me, everything else aren’t important and doesn’t matter at all”A guy would say when hugging a wife of somebody else.
  7. “I will marry you”another famous phrase of a pimp to cheat girls’ naive heart.
  8. “No matter what will happen in the future, and no matter what u had become, i will always love u” A very touching promise that a guy will always make infront of the woman.
  9. “Time pass so fast when together with you” during the time where the date ends, a guy will normally say this to the woman.
  10. “ahh~ isn’t it good if i can see you now… “ right after a nice and sweet date last night, the guy will call the woman in the next early morning and say these..
  11. “It’s ok, you are just late for a little while!”Eventhough she was late for more than 1 hour, the guy will still say this.
  12. “I don’t care how hard the road wouldn’t, as long as i can be with you!” Eventhough there are lots of obstacles and still doesn’t know he can overcome or not for getting together with that woman, the guy will still say this.
  13. “I very miss you, please do take care of yourself for my sake” a guy would never send a msg to his lover eventhough he’s working or busying with something else
  14. “If you ever need my help, just give me a call and i will surely be there for you no matter where and when it is.”When the woman breakup with the guy, the guy will still do whatever he can do to that woman.
  15. “I will love you, take care of you, and protect you for as long as i live.” The promise that he make infront of everybody during the wedding ceremony
  16. “You bring the biggest impact to my life, i will always remember it.”A guy will say when both he and the woman break up peacefully.
  17. “Remember to inform me if he treats you not good, i will surely won’t let go of him! I will protect you forever”She choose the other guy, but still he wanted to protect her with love.
  18. “As long as you want to, you can always borrow my shoulder to lie on when u are not happy”Though she doesn’t like him, but still he don’t mind at all and continue to care about her.
  19. “I never make a promise to a woman ever in my life, and never will do things to other woman which i’d done for u, in my heart, you are totally different from others.” the smart way to talk from a guy
  20. “I’d meet a lot of woman throughout my life, but i never met somebody like you who would made me love u so much”…………

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13 Comment(s) On This Topic

pookyma said during November 1st, 2007 at 1:09 pm

I think i did say such stuff before….ahhaaha

Princess Eileen said during November 1st, 2007 at 3:57 pm

*looking at pookyma’s comment with FULL doubt*

Yipguseng, so which one is the killest phrase for u? hahaha

Cometh said during November 1st, 2007 at 9:14 pm

Hmmmm, I don’t think I ever say any of those before….

Cuz normally i would only promise when I meant it…

Why promise something that is uncertain in the future?



boon said during November 2nd, 2007 at 10:29 am

@pookyma: haahahahah!! sure do man, we are 情场浪子 😛

@Princess Eileen: me ar…”给我一点时间,我会尽快和她分手。放心,我会给你名分” this! hahahhaha

@Cometh: well, is not a promise for a girl sometimes, some how they just like to hear it eventhough they know is a lie…

keeyit said during November 2nd, 2007 at 10:56 am

Agreed on those phrases.. some really hurts..

宝茹 said during November 2nd, 2007 at 11:59 am

Tsk, tsk, speaking from experience? Hehehehehe…

Aeres said during November 2nd, 2007 at 12:23 pm

20 Phrases That Will KILL A Woman’s Heart?

how about “You husband left all his money to the other woman…” ?

Edward Khoo said during November 2nd, 2007 at 12:27 pm

I said almost half of them to my ex, promised this promised that but still failed to do it…

Princess Eileen said during November 2nd, 2007 at 2:59 pm

oooo… if to current gf, then okay…. but if used many times… *eyes sepet looking at yipguseng*

seraphangel said during November 2nd, 2007 at 10:03 pm

haha you’re not even married man, why would you use that phrase?

boon said during November 4th, 2007 at 9:24 pm

@keeyit: ya…really will be hurt when the truth actually comes

@宝茹: errrm…heheh, maybe 😛

@Aeres: dun understand leh brother…

@Edward Khoo: hahahhah, that’s guys~~ we are family 😛

@Princess Eileen: if used to many times…even me also will say until sien lah, dun say the person who listen to it 😛

@seraphangel: practise makes perfect my friend 😉

Nux said during February 12th, 2008 at 5:51 pm

LOL! so ‘flowerish’ lar those words!

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