Message to Those Who Work As Auditors

To the auditors or those who are passion on accountings, the above logo should be familiar to u. I myself is not an auditor, not studying anything related to accountings as well, but i came to know that these few firms are actually the top few firms in Malaysia and many people are dying to wish to work there. Is this really a dream firm to work? is this really what you want? or is it only the fame of the firm which drives you wanting so badly to be under its roof? i’d saw quite a number of people who worked under few of these firms and heard their stories on it and i would like to share to you all and hope it can give u an idea or maybe a point to consider before going into these firms.

A: “Where you work now?”
B: “I work in EY”
C: “Wah~ EY good woh, good benefits and pays good as well~”
A: “Yaloh!! i also want to work in EY ler..”
B: **Feels Proud**

Sounds familiar or not the above conversation? People always thinks that these big firms they have good offers, pays good also the benefits are fabulous, annual trip, annual dinner, 3 months bonus, great increment etc. But, these are only the good side of it and what about the other side? how’s the work flow and work load? Big firms woh..sure the work load very heavy lah~, i can tell you this, their workload is far heavier than u can imagine even just merely an entry level junior, not to say those who are in the 2nd or 3rd level.

One person may handle not one or two, but several accounts at the same time! In one day u may have to travel out to client’s office and back to office to settle another accounts or do the paper work. A friend of mine, everyday has to wake up at early morning 7am, travel to office and reach there before the actual office hour, go out for audit, back office do the paper work, almost everyday she reached back home at 11pm+, bath. You think that’s it? No way, she still has to continue her work until midnight at least 2am. Less than 5 hours she is able to sleep daily. Is this suppose to be the right way of working? Yes you might learn a lot of things that u can’t learn in the normal firm, but what’s the point of knowing all of those but in the exchange of ur own health condition? U don’t want urself to be full of knowledge but end of the day u are not spending the money u earn or contributing ur knowledge on ur work but is lying on the bed due to sickness right?

There are even some who went back home after work to bath, then back to office again to continue their work. People also say those who work in these big firms are god as they doesn’t need to eat anything, and that’s TRUE!!! They avoid anything that will delay their work even for the time to eat as well as time to go toilet!! Healthy u tell me…

There are some who said – i need to take this period of time when i m still young to go fullforce! Well, i totally agree on this statement, BUT going fullforce doesn’t mean to ask u to die or sell ur soul for it! as u have to know ur own limit and to differenciate which are reallly good and bad for urself! When u are tired, u have to rest! U can’t do a good work eventhough u wanted to with a tired and exhausted body! If u want to sacrifice thing so badly, u can by sacrificing ur weekend, that’s if u want to.

Another friend of mine who work in one of these firms, i met her on end of January. I asked her how’s ur work there, i was so damn shocked when she told me “i’d not been sleeping since beginning of the month. Not Saturday or Sunday, not even Public Holiday! Everyday with full thick coffee. Eventhough i got lie on bed for a while but doesn’t really rest well”. Now u tell me, will u go so far for this? Not sleeping for more than 20 days! “I enjoyed this” she added…wtf…

The above examples already is more than enough for a normal person to suffer and live like a zombie. Still, not to even talk about the stress and politic issues which every office has it. All the above plus all the evil seniors and supervisor or colleagues that will do whatever it takes to cover their ass even if it means backstabing u. One thing to remember, almost all the seniors are very ego as they will say they are able to do it eventhough is so obvious that she need more manpower for it!

So people, do really consider it when u enroll in those big firms. I know there’s no gain with no pain, great benefits with great efforrs. However do consider about ur health, think about ur family, for sure they will be damn worry if u work till late night especially females as they still have to travel back to home. Think about is it really this u want to do it? Are u really into learning things in these firms? or is it because the fame and the benefits? Not only to audit firms, but this also applies to those who work as “hard” as being mentioned. Remember, u are not being paid to be a slave as u are not!


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Aeres said during March 11th, 2008 at 11:54 am

Yes they work really hard, but after 3 years there they can jump to MASSIVE salary jump. I know coz one of my family members started off in KPMG and went to another company with more than 100% salary jump.

That’s why if you wanna join a firm, it’s better to join one of the big 4s because you work just as hard but you’ll have a better resume.

Nux said during March 11th, 2008 at 3:14 pm

been to EY liao…but not doing audit….
anyway, EY is a place full of office politics, though i m not involve in it, but well, is an eye-opener.

pamsong said during March 11th, 2008 at 6:46 pm

Well, as much as I agree that this isn’t the life to live, I understand why they go through it and why they put themselves through it. It sucks but… no choice lor. I mean, look good on resume mah. See long term. So long as you don’t kill yourself while you’re at it lor. But MAX, 2 years. After that, have to change. Move to personal tax or something lah.

宝茹 said during March 11th, 2008 at 8:58 pm

Work should be fun!!!

Wong Yee Ming said during March 12th, 2008 at 12:36 am

Sure la, u think auditors duno how to calculate meh? Pay u high high sure expect you work for the job for two. Like my dad, work in small audit firm, pay super low, after few years take audit license. Now auditor with own small firm, dun even care if your salary double in 3 years. Haha… Sumore work from 11pm-4pm.

That’s what i call life, but nowadays small audit firm going to be no more liao cos small companies self-audit. But he’s going to retire and enjoy life anyway, just do taxation to spend his time.

And me? Studying medicine and also the same hectic workload in the future. -.-” #$^*%*&%..

Simon Seow said during March 12th, 2008 at 5:49 am

Yupe, an auditor’s life in big 4 is literally no life at all. So glad that I am in the IT line.

boon said during March 12th, 2008 at 3:51 pm

@Aeres: during this 3 years really is like hell, plus…i really consider the health more than wealth

@Nux: oh yeah, small comp already got politics, not to mention..BIG company like EY..

@pamsong: 2 years if u are still alive lah 😛 but seriously, if i were goin into audit line, i wont go until so crazy no sleep from the first till the end of the month 🙁

@宝茹: yup! agree, if u feel u work until not happy, is really no point for u to continue to work for tat company

@Wong Yee Ming: hahaha, oh yeah, auditors really know how to calculate man, this i really totally seriously 100% agree 😛

@Simon Seow: me too man! if u ask me, auditing is like follow the line work..

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