Experience on Purchasing a 2LD Domain

Tuesday early morning, i started to lurk around MyNIC. Why? coz i want to check on the availability of the 2LD domains which i wanted to get. Though the first few choices of mine weren’t available anymore, but still i manage to reserve and secure my other choice! U don’t know about 2LD? check here to know about it 😉

Actually that time i was wondering which reseller should i go to as i want to have cheaper price of course (who doesn’t want?), as i know the starting price of this domain is RM90 onwards. So i emailed 3 resellers to find out the price, Exabytes, which is where my current hosting lies and all the while i am dealing with them, Shinjiru, because i saw their site had their price shown RM 99, and Emerge which is nearby my house.

After waited for a while, i realized that i can’t continue waiting because the domain which i wish for might not be there anymore if this is too long. So the first thing i thought of is the “Live Chat” in Shinjiru‘s site (is easy to spot) because it is confirm that their site has this offering the 2LD domain, other 2 i can’t see the link yet. So i have a chat with shinjiru’s live customer server. So the friendly her asked me to register using their provided own online order form. So i did so and a automated reply(invoice) came to my mailbox saying that i attempt to register for that particular domain name. That’s all. Of course i did not pay that invoice immediately as i do not know whether it is secure or not and i don’t feel secure at all.

Just when i was about to head over to the Exabyte‘s live chat, i saw their reply mail to me regarding the 2LD plus together with their arrival of the newsletter about this new domain available. According to the email, the price is RM 120 and it ask me to head on to their site which they had a form that is linked to the MyNIC system. So i head over to the form and i was totally convinced when i see the form. It’s the same form which MyNIC has. However because it’s my first time filling these form, so i replied back that mail and ask for guidance on filling up the form. Well, again i felt that i can’t wait long, so i straight away click on their livechat to seek guidance. The person that i chat with was very kind and patient enough to guide me throughout the whole process, i am very grateful to that. Just when i finish filling up the form, a phone call with the initial number of Penang, ahh..it was exabyte’s staffs. Because he saw my email for the guidance and i think his purpose of the call was to guide me through the phone. I really appreciate their service! And that’s why i had a number my things were hosted under them, well basically everything which i had 😉

So i now i got all my things settled and invoice were sent to me with a way which i feel secure enough. Shijiru, i still have no reply from them up till now eversince that automated invoice. Funny of all is, i just got the reply from Emerge few minutes ago about the information of their 2LD domain that i emailed them on Tuesday.

So after this incident, it again proved to me my choice is right after all. Though today and yesterday my site had a very bad downtime issue due to one of the hosting on our share server causing problem, but still i will choose them as for their service 😉 and if u were to plan on a hosting, and hope for a good customer service, i strongly recommend Exabytes


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pookyma said during March 28th, 2008 at 3:36 pm

Dude…i have my .com now with me…so the .my thingy….wat’s so special?i just dun get it

Tim said during March 29th, 2008 at 2:58 pm

Yaman… I missed out on tim.my :((

Edward said during March 29th, 2008 at 4:02 pm

I have bought few of them myself…

boon said during March 31st, 2008 at 11:21 am

@pookyma: well, if u feel like u wan to have a very nice domain name which u cant get it now on the current .com.my or .com type domain, now u can get it loh. And for business use, is very good indexing in the local search engine 😉

@Tim: wah, 3 character wan very hard to get liao loh 🙁

@Edward: wow, few somemore :O grates dude 😉

vickie said during April 1st, 2008 at 2:37 am

wah helping exabytes advertise @@
May I know to register 2LD, do we need to have TLD domain like .com.my first?

vickie said during April 1st, 2008 at 5:24 pm

wah so good 1…… but then RM90-RM120 oh….. need to double consider about it @@

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