May Giveaway Worth More Than USD750!

Great news guys! is giving out prizes each week for this whole month! These prizes include:

  • Flashloaded 3dWall (x2)
  • ColorSchemer Studio (x2)
  • Premium WordPress Theme (x3 developer license)
  • Web Hosting Account (x1)

I think these prizes are very attractive, don’t they? If u are a tech savvy, u should know how much each of these prizes worth! So…how to get it?

It’s actually very easy to get urself to win this, first u need to head on to, then:

  1. Subscribe to’s feed
  2. Click on the hyperlink (end of content, before Related Articles) at the bottom of the feed.
  3. Submit your name, email.
  4. Prizes will be awarded to the first reader who sends in!

As easy as that! So hurry up subscribe to‘s now! The first giveaway will be this coming Wednesday (7th May)!

For more info, please visit Cool Giveaways At This May


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