The Right Way to Speak 2

Yesterday is about How to Praise Someone, now will write on another thing which is opposite of it

When Criticising, You Shouldn’t….

  1. Depending on relation
    Criticism will mostly not being welcome by the guy which u give it to eventhough is for his own good. Sometimes that guy might even misunderstood and thought u are insulting him. So don’t simply critise on people unless u and him are best friend or good friends or to a relation where both of u can share opinions with each other.
  2. Say it in an approaching way
    An example of criticising people with approaching way would be: “About your XXXXX, i have some opinion on it, probably u could listen and see what u think of it.” So does it sound better than simply saying: I don’t like your XXXX, i think is too XXX and very XXXX”.
  3. Time is a main factor
    Never ever EVER criticise people on MONDAY! I guess u all should know why right…Another day is Friday, to avoid spoiling their Friday mood as well.
  4. Always at an appropriate situation
    Do not do the criticising thing infront of urs or his friends or workmate. These kinda private conversation should be done best with only both of u.
  5. Together with a Suggestion
    By giving a criticism, u should also give ur suggestion on how to improve or solve it, then that person will felt convinced that what u said was true and he should do as what u said.

So it’s all about Criticism, so guys don’t simply criticise especially on the blue day 😉 Next will be on how to give a reply on people with care


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Aeres said during June 26th, 2008 at 12:00 am

How I say it in an approaching way:

“What the f*ck is this !? what in f*ck’s name were you thinking !? change this and redo all of these and send it to me in 5 minutes!!”

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