My Saturday..

First of all, thanks for all the concern from my previous posts 😉 Really very appreciate and needed those indeed. Well, back to what i wanna write today. Last Saturday initially was planning to go for another Karaoke session with my friends in the afternoon, but end up cancelling it because i had to go back to office. Need to fix some bugs and some graphical faulty on the site which went live on that day itself. Though everything was fix and done but i did not go back because i need to have myself on standby in case there’s somemore graphical changes on the site. So, what i did in the office while waiting? Watch drama..hahahha…Well, it was saturday anyway 😛

Another plan of me and my friend was actually to watch Wushu (if u dunno bout this movie, can head on to my previous post). However, the tickets were either sold out or the seatings weren’t nice at all. The only session which was available is the midnight session. Not very keen for a late night movie on that day, so…cancelled again.

Left office at around 745pm if i m not mistaken. Went to KFC alone for dinner (lately feels like hanging out alone a lot, lolz). Haven’t been KFC for really long time, more than half a year i think. While chewing the crunchy but oily chicken, some memories flashed within my brain. Lots of childhood memories. Happened at the same KFC restaurant. At my age of the early primary, it’s a very very seldom thing to happen where me and my family will come out to any fast food restaurant for a meal. To us(or maybe to me) during that time, dining in KFC was already a luxury meal. So i enjoyed and felt very happy everytime i had the chance to dine at KFC, and the KFC restaurant that we usually went was no other than this very one which i was sitting now.

Then thinking of the life of the kids or probably my niece now compare to us when we were still young last time. A fast food really is just a normal meal to them. Once they voice up they want KFC or McD, then straight away the parents will bring them for it. Really a lot of changes in this 10 – 15 years time.

After the meal, went back home and continue the drama which i stopped at office that afternoon until midnight. Hahha, and that’s my Saturday~~zzz


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ms said during November 24th, 2008 at 6:58 pm

haiz, next time ajak me along la.

Baoru said during November 25th, 2008 at 8:21 pm

You talk like an Uncle already. 😛

I love KFC too! But eating out is kind of expensive (even for fast food).

Nux said during November 30th, 2008 at 3:14 pm

kfc brought back lotsa childhood memories for me too…but seems like nowadays ppl keep escaping frm this food nowadays!

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