Is This Suppose To Be Like That?

Hah…it’s really been a very long while since my last update…guess i really have to move my lazy hand to type in something to update my this pathetic blog. Well…the fact is i fear there’s someone who will kill me if i don’t do any update 😛

Hmm…actually all the while i has a lots of things to write but just a bit lazy and don’t know how to start to write or simply say don’t know how to put it in words to describe…and this lots of things can seriously covers a lot of aspect, not saying far…just talk about my current company that work in now..ya, i worked in this company for just not more than 4 months and there had been a lot of changes, and the changes is not small….yup. Major changes.

Well, i would say is more like the relation between colleagues and colleagues. Nah! not those girlfriend and boyfriend type of relationship please~~ People who work there if they did not really get into knowing the situation, they will see as the colleagues were very very good and well coupe with each other, but for people who really understand the real situation and see the real picture of it, things are not as good as it is being shown.

As usual each company especially medium to big size, normally they will have different group or gang of people. Most of the grouping mechanism is about the “click” thing, which is rather hard to describe the feeling or the way it works. Click means click, if can’t click then seriously no matter how hard u try, u just can’t get into that group of people. Therefore, what i witnessed here is a group of people was being split into another 2 more group. Reason? is it because of working? personal? dissatisfaction? nobody knows…and i wouldn’t want to comment much on it. I’d been always telling this to other people that come to me of their problem when they are down or sad, don’t always think of the negative way, think of other way round which would make yourself better, take for a popular example: if u are being dump by a guy or a girl, heck don’t think of u being dump! think of luckily u realize earlier he/she is suitable for u! It’s always about the mindset on how you think or see a thing. So if something in the office there are some dissatisfaction, don’t make yourself a reason for u to hate her/him. If it’s a small case which u can endure it, just go with arguement is just office arguement, when out of office it’s away from those argument, if u seriously can’t get over with that argument, can always talk to him/her about it, i believe not everybody will be such an ass to unable to differenciate between work and personal.

People always say, not happy also need to live, happy also need to live, so why not choose to live happily? Hate people is seriously harder then to like someone, why make ourselves so suffer and hard to make someone? If is not a big case, forget about it, get over it and continue with a happy life without having to make any enemies around u, if that somebody really is that whoop ass which make all the pissing u act or behaviour, just ignore him/her. It’s just office hour which u need to see this person and of course it won’t be a forever. That’s my living philosophy

So i really hope things in my company here would change to a better looking situation because to be honest, it’s really sad and hard to see a group of people who can click together being split and seperated into different group. The BBQ session was truely a good start of seeing the improvement 😉


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SKylakh said during January 19th, 2009 at 6:14 pm

SCREW them all!!!!!

Eileen said during January 22nd, 2009 at 12:28 pm

wah…. office politic… a disaster

Baoru said during January 26th, 2009 at 7:07 pm

Tired of blogging already? hehehe

Happy Chinese New Year!

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