Movie Marathon – All’s Well Ends Well, Ong Bak 2, Inkheart

Pass few days was really a movie marathon days for me. Went for 3 movies with one movie for each day. So been going to One Utama’s cinema quite often. Can even tell what advertisement is that with not even one second of that ads’ being screened. Anyway, a couple of movie review up ahead. It could be a bit old for all of these movies, but heck! still i will write it!

All’s Well Ends Well

The all time Chinese New Year favourite All’s Well Ends Well is back! Other than the old timer Raymond Wong Bak-Ming and Sandra Ng, now together with Louis Koo and Ronald Cheng to add up the spice. However, with the lack of Stephen Chow, though there are still plenty of laughter but still wasn’t as great as compare to the 97’s.

A bit ridiculous and quite annoying on the “sky wavering and earth turning” thing when each of the actor fall in love. Anyway, the china girl who acted Xiao-Min in the movie – 沈丽君 is reallllllyyyy quite cute~~~~~~ so as the voice!!! But, these voice can’t be listen to often because it will get annoying as well….

Anyway, the story of this movie seriously…not very good and the laughter..well, normal only larrrr~~~ so i will give a 6/10 with a bonus of the effort of the come back on this “sequal”.

Ong Bak 2

The sequal of Ong Bak 1 (obviously..) This time is about a young boy who’s the son of one of 4 protector of the Thailand Emporer in some dynasty, hope i am not wrong..The boy escape during the annihilation of his family and being found and saved by a group of bandits. From them he learned all sorts of martial arts ranging from Japanese, Chinese, Thai etc. Then being the typical movie storyline, he went to seek his revenge when he grew as an adult perfectly skilled with various martial arts. Also being predicted at the end on who actually is the person who laid the knives to his father’s throat.

Errm, story seriously wasn’t that great, but no doubt the fighting scene was great. Still wasn’t as great as Ong Bak 1. For those who did not watch Ong Bak 1, seriously i strongly recommend u to watch it.

I actually expected there will be a lot of weird people that will appear to watch this movie, because Tony Jaa is an international martial art star which is none chinese (if u understand what i m trying to say), but i really did not expect those people who watched the same session as me could be that weird. Guy sitting on my left is a malay who keeps shaking his leg and look at his phone more than looking at the movie. At some point he even fell asleep, another thing which annoy me the most is, his smell, not sure whether is his body smell or his perfume, but it really sting!…. While on the right side sat 3 chinese “boys” i would say. Typical nerdy type which laughed at whatever scene, advertisement, fighting scene, dancing scene etc. Arghh! Sometimes these people really willl spoilt ones mood on watching movie….

For this movie, i will give the rating of 7/10


It’s about a man who has the talent or gift to bring the character from the story book to the real world in exchange of somebody in the real world to swap. Mo who did not know about his gift initially read a book name “Inkheart” caused a major disaster to his family which his wife was being swapped into the storybook itself. Spending more than 10 years he had been searching for the same book “Inkheart” that was being burned on that night itself so that he could read out loud of it in order to get his wife back into the real world. (for more synosis, google around 😛 )

Ish! Another movie which got some annoying people. I just couldn’t understand why those people just can’t sit properly when they watch movie! They just have to put their leg up and have their feet stepped on the chair. So they think their feet are clean? After walking for so long in the mall?! And they even did that when their girlfriend is beside. WTH…and this girl…they just need to hug so damn tight to each other like they are being glued! Come on…Ish!!

Well..the movie was good, but if were to compare to another recent movie which had a bit of a similarity – Bedtime Story, i prefer the Bedtime Story. Inkheart..though is good, but still felt something is lacking which i don’t know how to describe. Probably another external annoying people which caused it…Rating for this movie – 7/10


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