The 70s and 80s Babies Memories

Few days ago, my colleague recieved a very interesting email and showed to me. That email did really brought me back a lot a lot a lot of memories. It’s some of those things that we played and had during our childhood. It’s not everybody’s childhood, as being said in the email No one will know what is the feeling when seeing these pictures but only those are born in 70’s & 80’s will understand exactly how much we miss these..

And so, i decided to share this nostalgic pictures with all my readers out there whom were still visiting my blog up till now 😉

These are those things that We the 70s, 80s babies used to eat

sweet and colored drinks in various shape plastic bottle, serious coloring…

this thing i love it a lot! used to eat it a lot when i was a kid. Seldom eat it nowadays, mostly now is being use for the road praying during the chinese month of July.

oh yeah, the very old school chewing gum. A pack with contains 3 ballie chewing gum. Forgot how much it cost last time, is it 20cent?

The mini Chocolate snacks!

Aha! Toraaaa datang lagi! which cost RM 1.00 and the Ding Dang~ cost 50cents during that time. Both comes with a mini toy inside. Still buyable at most of the hypermarkets.

Bubble gum with Tattoo behind the wrapping paper? Ding any bell?

Of course there are more, but these are those which are in the email. I’ll see if i can find more and recall those that we ate and snack during the old days. Now we continue with What we used to Play!

The mini card. Few ways to play it. The most famous ways to playing is throwing slippers on it and also flipping the card over by smacking your palm hand onto the floor

The shinning sticker cards. Dragonball…Shine within Shine, Shine under Dark…

Guli. Also a lot of ways to play it.

Toy gun with the plastic bullet. The plastic bullet was banned but i forgot when was it. Until now i suppose.

Still remember how to fold this thing?

Sling-shots. hmm…never play this before..anybody?

Who did not play this before?!

Never play but saw other people playing it. Once u pull the green thing, the bicycle will cycle itself for a short distance. Well balance when it’s cycling..

No need explain much…

Old Maid, Donkey…wondering what’s the different actually between these 2, is “tortise” way of playing anyway. While the Happy Family…one thing which reminds me and felt annoy during playing is u have to always ask “is xxxx at home?”, “sorry…not at home”..

Sticky Toy Gun

The mother ancestors of all the Game Gear, DS, Game boy etc! U can only play 1 game for each. Using those flat mercury battery

ahhahah, seriously..once i saw this…i just laugh..

Yo-Yo! i never play it well..only know the one and very basic skill…throw and pull!

Mario Brothers!! Frankly…i never really play it without using those shortcuts, sigh~

That’s it for the moment. I bet when u most of the pictures above u were like “Oh ya~~ THIS!!!!”, “Yeah!! I Play this before~”. Hope it does indeed brings back some of ur sweet childhood it really did to me 😉


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franch said during April 1st, 2009 at 10:10 am

Oh ya~~THIS!!!! I received this forward email before. Brings back good memories :’)

mknace said during April 1st, 2009 at 10:40 am

really nice
u bring back the memories

Skylakh said during April 7th, 2009 at 11:45 am

You miss out some of the all time wonders:

1. Wood Gun, (Those you need to saw and make your own).
2. Tikam, those 20cent tikam which u can win peanuts or lucrative toys.
3. Spider in a Matchbox (Where u keep the spider for boxing match with the opponent spider).
4. Trow Wood stick. Forgot the rules already.
5. Jump Aeroplan. The jump in jump out of the box game.
6. Hide and Seek, Climb Rambutan/Mango Tree.
7. During CNY the special BOMB (Fire Cracker) within a tin can.

Miranda said during October 24th, 2010 at 3:25 am

By the way…the colored cookies in #2 haven’t disappear AT ALL. I’m from Puerto Rico and those are made here by the Royal Borinquen company and you can find them at ANY supermarket. xD
They’re called ‘Florecitas’ (little flowers) and I LOVE them . 😛

Miranda said during October 24th, 2010 at 3:26 am

Oh, also the rollercoaster-like thing with the penguins, I used to have one of those, but it had a jungle design and different animals on it. Leon, Tiger..etc it was REALLY COOL. 😀

boon said during October 24th, 2010 at 10:50 pm

@Miranda: hahaha, we still have it here in Malaysia as well 😛 and the jungle design thing, yes yess…i saw that before too!! 😀

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