Honda Goes Air

Honda – a name which I believe is well-known for everybody. Cars being manufactured by the mark of this brand such as, Civic, City, Accord, CR-V – were often being seen on the street nowadays. They develop great cars with style and nice designs and I personally like their designs and of course their performance as well (and that’s the reason I have 2 Hondas in my house :p ). Weeks ago I was being contacted by Honda through Nuffnang to conduct a research on the HondaJet, and the research indeed fed me a couple of new knowledges on their technologies.

Now, Honda had made another great achievement by introducing their very first baby advancing to the aviation market, a jet to cruise in the air! The HondaJet!

A jet by Honda, can you believe it?! I was so shocked when I first saw the jet’s picture on the Internet, and it is really something that’s been expected by the Honda group of people, the design of the jet’s exterior itself is so cool~

It took around two decades of research and development to successfully releasing it to the air and the folks at Honda really did their job well in making the jet different from other private jets that are currently in the market.

One of their pride on the HondaJet is the Over-The-Wing (OTW) Engine Mount. You won’t see the jets having the engine mounted on the wing but rather on the rear body part due to the aerodynamic interference, however HondaJet able to not only overcome this problem, but also by mounting the engine on the wing, it reduces the drag and at the same time helps save fuel.

HondaJet’s body applies the Natural-Laminar Flow (NLF) design where it not only decreases aerodynamic efficiency but also decreases and simplifies the manufacturing procedures.

Another specialty of HondaJet is it is developed with all-composite materials instead of aluminum, which make it lighter, larger cabin space and also permit to use less fuel, another saving fuel factor 😉

Now here you go, the heart of the HondaJet. The HF118 Turbo Fan Engine. This engine not only weight light, it’s compact, low-emission at the same time provides maximum performance with again low fuel consumption. Talk about fuel saving…

I myself drove a Honda and I really adore it, wondering when will I have the chance to actually sit on this HondaJet, or to even sit on the pilot seat~
Ah! Another thing that I would like to foresee, will there be a Type-R version of HondaJet, kekeke 😛

For more info or to know more details on the Honda technologies, u may visit


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aeres said during June 18th, 2009 at 2:53 am

Honda and planes?!

I want to see ASIMO fly it.

Calvyn said during June 26th, 2009 at 8:07 am

soon come out helicops

MilerkaLerka said during March 1st, 2011 at 6:14 pm

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