StarCraft II : A Quick Run Through StarCraft II era now! Got my copy of StarCraft II during the official launch date from The Software Boutique…sigh, did not manage to get my freebies (T-shirt & Dog Tag). Anyway, got a giant huge POSTER of Jim Raynor, better than nothing 😛 Today was already Day 3 from the launch date and I only manage to play for a while..(work still comes first). Though was only few hours of playing it, I already started to like the whole newly system in this StarCraft II. Just the thing about this game…the requirement seriously is very very HIGH…almost all of my friends who played this have to set the graphics to “low”. So, if u wan a full graphic experience, guess u will need a crazy machine for it.

In this post let me give a bit of the brief review on this game.

The very first thing to know is that, the Authentication Key which u have along with the gamebox isn’t really like the traditional way of using. Upon installing game you will not require to enter any CDKEY or GAMEKEY or even this Authentication Key. This particular Authentication Key is actually a Key to create a StarCraft II game account in So once u created your StarCraft II game account in the, your Authentication Key is basically useless and from now on whenever you want to play the game, all you need to do is login using your account using the in game login system, matter is from which long as there’s a StarCraft II game, you will be able to login and retrieve your profile, and yes..this mean that u will need a constant Internet connection while playing StarCraft II for full access of the game. Those who played World Of Warcraft should know better about this mechanism as it was first implement on that. A great way to prevent piracy indeed.

So once u login to your account in the StarCraft II game, u will come to your own dashboard. From this dashboard, depending on whether u are connected to the Internet or not, u will be able to access to all the features, such as Single Game’s Campaign, Single Game’s Custom Game Vs A.I., Multiplayer Game’s Custom Game, Multiplayer Game’s Custom Game Vs A.I, Ladder Game, Achievements, Profiles etc. Blizzard also implement a wonderful chatting feature, just like MSN or Y!, u chat with your in game friends anytime, anywhere and whenever u wan, whether u are playing campaign, custom gaming or even watching the cinematics! Always connected to the outside world (of course is within game)

StarCraft II implemented a thing call Achievements, it won’t be new to a World of Warcraft player as it was again first implemented there. It’s consider a bonus missions which u can achieve by either doing it solo or with your friend, which quite a number of these achievements do require u to have a party to do it. As far as I know, by doing these achievements, u will be able to unlock some of the Decals and Avatar Portraits. It may look pointless, but people DO really do it and are very crazy about it, and I was one of them in World of Warcraft 😛

For now will only be talking about the Campaign game as I still doesn’t have the chance to try out the Ladder YET. In StarCraft II, the campaign flow is a bit different. It’s no more follow the flow anymore, now everytime u end a campaign, u will be able to come to a stop consist of 4 ares where u will be able to talk with the NPCs to learn about the stories, also do some upgrades. The picture above is the Cantina, here basically is just a gossip area between Jim Raynors’ old pal and also a newly met ally. Also, there’s a TV up there where u will be able to click and view the latest news…again is about knowing the stories. U can hire mercenaries here. These mercenaries will deploy to your base almost immediate with the cost of minerals.

Next is the Armory. Each campaign that u completed, u will receive an amount of Credits which u can use to do some upgrades on your units, vehicles, buildings etc. Also to look at the unit which u had obtain from a certain campaign.

Follow by the Laboratory, Again each campaign that u completed, depending on which enemy u are fighting with, either Zerg or Protoss, u will gain some research point on that particular enemy, upon accumulation of these points, u will be able to do some upgrades. Eg: an addon cannon on top of a bunker which will engage enemy eventhough there are no units in the bunker.

Then comes the Bridge. Here u are able to choose to begin or proceed with the next campaign.

Once u have chosen to continue the campaign. U will come to this mission selection screen, normally there will be at least 2 missions for u to choose from. Up till now I’d never missed any of the mission so I am guessing that u will still be able to play the other campaign if u choose to play the another one first. In this StarCraft II, it’s no longer that u get your new units in sequence. Now is depending on which mission u choose. Each mission will have a new available units to u, so each time u completed that mission, the available units will be added to your inventory. So sometimes u might end up getting some higher level units first than having some low level units.

The Vikings Arcade

Oh! and there’s one thing which is quite interesting. Blizzard added in a mini game. If u heard about Vikings, one of the early production of Blizzard. They incorperate it in StarCraft II as an arcade game. U may play it whenever u are in the Cantina area.

That’s it for now, will talk about the Custom Game and the Ladder Game (once i’d tried it) later on, but a brief thing about the Custom Game, once the last person of the game enter the waiting room, a 20 seconds countdown will start to count. Nobody are allow to Start the Game or Leave the Game. You are only able to choose your color, factions, and also the handicap. Cool huh….


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levian said during July 30th, 2010 at 10:50 am

thanks for the compliment!
no worries, you have your very own style.
write when you feel like it, blogging should be enjoyable.
don’t you agree? 😉

btw, i don’t know much about starcraft.
but the guys around sure seemed excited with this release!

boon said during July 30th, 2010 at 11:06 am

hahah, yup! bloggin should be enjoyable 😛

ehh~~ not only guys leh, girls also get excited over it wan 😀 kinda fun….but really need a very good PC 🙁

Skylakh said during July 30th, 2010 at 2:39 pm

Entaro Adun!

Aeres said during September 6th, 2010 at 8:42 am

Embarassingly, I still get my a$$ handed back to me even when playing against the computer in a custom game since the days of SC1.

Any multiplayer game I ever played against a human opponent was over in a matter of minutes.

I guess I’ll be sticking to the campaign missions 😛

Jonny said during October 18th, 2010 at 4:07 pm

Nice game!I found some strageies scenarious explained visiting , and are very useful and works.

boon said during October 18th, 2010 at 10:22 pm

thanks for sharing Jonny 🙂

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