Facebook Car Town

Yes..i am back to my blog again! (yes..again) But this time for real, as i found a good reason which i am interested in to populate my content, of course also something which i like as well. Design! not design on any other thing, but design on CARS. Lately i am quite into a facebook game cartown. It’s quite a fun game actually, though is a typical leveling to unlock items like other facebook games, but this game is featuring cars…cute cars, and further more u can customize the car outlook by yourself, and this is the thing which enticed me!

I guess u all can see those car’s design which i’d shared it out, some is done by my friend and others are by myself. Now my blog looks like a cartown featured blog..-_-. Well, as long as i found back a reason to blog, cant care too much about it.

Oh..besides the above mentioned function of this game..cars..especially sport cars, surely cant run away from racing. Here they have a mini game where u can choose your desire car to race against your neighbour, to earn extra in game cash and brag about it to your friend.

If you are interested, just ahead to their facebook apps page to have a try! 😉 all u need to do is to have a facebook account that’s all~


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