Legend of the Fist: The Return of Chen Zhen

Another movie by the most powerful man on earth – Donnie Yen : Legend of the Fist: The Return of Chen Zhen. Watchted this on the just passed Monday with my ex-colls at GSC Tropicana City Mall. As expected, even is on Monday but still the session was full house. Seems like his fame from his IP Man really boosted up his fame hugely.

Starting of the movie was breathtaking! From the moment he grabbed those knives from the German soldiers and rushed into the abandoned building occupied with unknown number of enemies until he eliminate each and everyone of them, though was a bit over but still is really a great scene to have people to remember it and to talk about after the movie.

After that, it was actually a bit boring..especially on each and every scene where Hsu Qi appears (seriously why have to choose her to act this….) Then came another exciting and another remarkable part, which is where the Black Mask first appearance. You really can see his running speed was really so fast and all his punches and kicks were so damn powerful and full of impact when it landed on his foes’ body.

Now the rest…wasn’t anything which really worth mentioning, the fighting against numerous karate students weren’t really much to talk about. Fighting against the “last boss” ended far too quickly, can’t get the satisfaction. But, the part where Hsu Qi dies really joy me up!! hahahaha~

A lot of people and i did really heard it through the radio as well where Donnie Yen actually used some of IP man tactic and moves in this movie, especially the famous fast punches, and the Dj on the radio even said that maybe is because Donnie Yen likes the move too much so he applied it in here as well. Hmm…i have to say some moves really aren’t any part of either IP Man or Chin Woo or anything, if u know about Donnie Yen, you should know that he has his very own of fighting style, the Mixed Martial Art(MMA), can refer to my Previous Post to know a little bit about his previous movie. So no matter how he applies any other martial art style, he will remain some of his own style on it. Plus, as the name of his fighting style Mixed Martial Art, of course is a combination of all sorts of martial art’s essence and refine to combine it as another kind of art, that’s his way of martial art and how he won his best Choreography.

Anyway, back to the movie. The movie storyline is nothing much to shout of…but as i said, that 2 scenes were the one which really should seen, other than that were merely..fighting. Don’t get me wrong, is not the rest of the fighting scene were not good, they are still very good, just that these 2 scenes were the best among all! And for my rating for this movie – 7/10. Big minus point for the boringness of Hsu Qi.


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